I have been wearing sexyyourself.com waist trainers for a few months now and have seen a dramatic change in my waist! I went from wearing a X-large to an X-Small.  The quality of the waist trainers are very good for the price of $30 which is great. Would recommend them to anyone.

Cherita Jones

Manager, Restaurant Business

Who ever said waist trainers do not work or is unhealthy is a liar! I’ve seen so much change in my waist measurements in just a matter of a week its awesome! You should incorporate a workout regimen and eating healthy if you want to see even more result. I would recommend sexyyourself.com waist trainers because the material is durable at a low price that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Nette P.

Customer Service Rep

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Purchased two waist trainers and loved them both! Great quality at just $30. Will order again in the future.

Mary R.

Register Nurse



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