Disclaimer for weight loss products, including waist trainers, eBooks, creams, lotions and or beauty products.

We here at sexyyourself.com believe everyone is created equal, but also know every person’s body type is different. With that said, results may vary depending on your body shape, type size and lifestyle, when implementing a diet plan and/or performing a waist training regimen.

Please consult a doctor or physician before starting ANY diet or weight-loss plan. For sexyyourself.com and its products will not be liable or responsible for any illness or death that may occur.

By purchasing our e-books you acknowledge you are doing at your own risk and that the e-books are only a form of information to help you on your journey to losing weight, and not a promise that you will lose a bunch of weight in a short time, which can lead to a list of health issues.

We make NO promise that if you purchase any of our products that you will lose weight or certain amount of weight. The set amount of pounds that’s considered healthy to lose is between 1-2 pounds a week. If you are losing more, then 1-2 pounds, a week and are not feeling like yourself or worse. Please contact your doctor.

We are committed at helping people feel and look good about themselves but in a healthy way.

If you have any question or concerns email us at: sexyyourself2014@gmail.com

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